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Meet the Coaches For CFB

Tony Parrott

“I am a Husband and dad of three. To say my life experience is diverse would be an understatement.


I started out in my late teens working in a printer's factory cutting and folding paper from there I spent 5 years in the Army as a combat medical technician, where I was deployed out to Iraq to work in various combat outposts supporting infantry on the front line, after my time in the Army I moved to work as a scaffolder on numerous power station and work my way up to be a supervisor over my 9 year career in the sector, after finding Crossfit 2013 I realized I wanted to make this my next direction in life, which brings us to the present as a coach and co-owner of CrossFit Barnsley.


As far as my athletic career goes it is as diverse as my work career. I have competed I all kinds of sports ranging from long distance running, downhill and enduro mountain bike racing, mix martial arts bouts, strongman, Olympic weightlifting, Rock climbing, mountaineering and numerous Crossfit Competitions including European Inferno, Pound for Pound, Rep it out, One for the people and the list goes on.


I Believe that my massively varied sporting background is what separates me from the majority of coaches, as I don't see CrossFit as a means of just doing more CrossFit but as a means of improving my performance in my other interests outside of the gym as well as keeping me strong, fit and healthy.”



CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

Personal Trainer Level 3

Kelly Baker

Having always been into various sports from a young age including gymnastics, snowboarding and swimming I have always recognised the merit of pursuing your own fitness goals alongside others, particularly as part of a strong community. In more recent years I found Crossfit in 2013 and have not looked back since. I have been fortunate enough to compete at European level competitions including The European Championships twice, Battle of Britain, Rep It Out, One for the people, Scale The Heights, Thorium Throwdown as well as participating as a judge on numerous occasions. More recently I have become a member of British Weightlifting and competed in the Northern weightlifting where I qualified for the Northern Open and English championships. My journey so far has gained me sponsorship with Fortitude Equipment and Urban Lifters 


CrossFit has transformed the way I train, and coach, in such a positive way and have met so many wonderful people along the way. I want to introduce new people to the methodology of CrossFit, its unique community and huge potential to help individuals of each and every kind, regardless of age, fitness level and individual goals.I also have experience of working with adaptive athletes helping them to achieve their fitness goals and improve quality of life


I strongly believe that CrossFit Barnsley will be an exciting, unique and very welcoming place to come along and spend time training amongst great friends.

Prior to Coaching, I worked as a Midwife with a degree in Human and Health Science. As much as I received great job satisfaction I found myself working everyday to mask the effects of obesity and the range of chronic diseases that the NHS is faced with and with numbers rising I am excited to finally take the plunge into a dream career where I can work towards preventing these conditions by promoting healthier lifestyles and greater life satisfaction.

I have attended numerous Crossfit, Weightlifting, Gymnastic and Nutrition seminars/workshops and am ecstatic to finally be able to bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to the Barnsley population that no other facility in the region can offer.

This experience and exposure over the past four years have enabled me to network and better understand the UK CrossFit community, having made many like-minded friends, athletes and coaches along the way. I believe in the CrossFit methodology and am well and truly excited to bring this fitness extravaganza to my hometown Barnsley.

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